The Bluefin USA Pro-Staff Family

The Trilobite Sportfishing Team
80' Dozi Ocean Yacht- Trilobite

Based in Cancun Mexico, but traveling around the world to fish, Team Trilobite is the flagship of our Bluefin USA Pro Staff! Additionally, Team Trilobite is a proud member of the exclusive Alutecnos Pro-Staff. Fishing from an elegant yet powerful 80′ Donzi Ocean Yacht, the Trilobite Team spends much of the year chasing billfish, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, snook, and permit throughout the Caribbean. Captain Mattia, an expert on the waters of the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, and Florida, sets his anglers and boat owner up for success on every trip. Trilobite aims to release 1,000 billfish in 2022 in addition to fishing in several major international tournaments. Whether the Trilobite Team is fishing from a sportfish, skiff, or even by foot, they never fail to impress. Most importantly, Team Trilobite exemplifies the Bluefin USA motto: “Good Times & Tight Lines”! Follow their latest tournament wins and catches on Instagram.


Explore the Trilobite Fishing Team’s Instagram Account Here

Rising Sons

Rising Sons Sportfishing Team
58' Viking- Rising Sons

Rising Sons Sportfishing Team is one you don’t want to miss from the Gulf Coast. The team placed 3rd in the 2022 inaugural season of Sport Fishing Championship, Caught the biggest Blue Marlin in the Gulf in 2022 and wont the MONGO Offshore Challenge with the fish weighing in at 785 pounds! Their team consist of the owner Toby Berthelot, his daughter and main angler Jaselyn Berthelot and captain and crew, Jimmy “Cricket” Crochet, Alex Diaz and Pip Al-Jazra. The Rising Sons Team is planning to fish several tournaments for their 2023 season, including fishing the 2023 Sportfishing Championship Gulf circuit which will be aired on CBS Sportsnetwork. Follow along with their social media to stay in on the action!


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The Pilar Fishing Team
Captain Chris Cacicedo

Based in Miami, with extensive knowledge of the Florida Keys and the Bahamas, Captain Cacicedo knows how to bring trophy fish over the rail. From deep-dropping to kite fishing, high-speed trolling for wahoo to fishing the Everglades for cobia, Team Pilar always does it RIGHT. Also a member of the Alutecnos Pro-Staff, Captain Cacicedo is proud to show off his full lineup of gorgeous Alutecnos reels… he brings them to any boat he fishes on! A world-class captain needs world-class reels! Weekend trips to the Bahamas are one of Team Pilar’s specialties. It is not uncommon for Captain Caciedo to hook over a dozen wahoo in a single day or high-speed trolling out of Chub Cay! Team Pilar lovingly refers to deep-dropping as “going to the grocery store” because they always bring home the meat! Click the link below to see Captain Cacicedo’s most recent catches on Instagram!


Explore the Pilar Fishing Team’s Instagram Account Here

China Time Sportfish

The China Time Sportfishing Team
92' Viking Sportfish- China Time; Valahalla 41'

What time is it? Team China Time!

The most stunning and capable sportfishing yacht at the marina, the 2019 92′ Viking, “China Time”, is a truly world-class sportfishing vessel! With captain Mike Croke, of Jupiter, Florida, at the helm, you know it’s soon time for trophy tuna, wahoo, mahi-mahi, and billfish to come through the transom door! Captain Croke has been with Team China Time for 7 years, guiding his anglers to the best fishing that South Florida, the Bahamas, Nantucket, and Rhode Island have to offer! In past years, Team China Time has fished international tournaments, notably the Baker’s Bay Invitational and the Pirate’s Cove Sailfish Classic. Keep your eye out for her at the dock! You can find her name right above yours on the leader board! Prepare to be beaten by both the beauty and the beast: China Time!  Click the link below to explore China Time’s Instagram account and travels.


Explore China Time’s Instagram Here

Crossroad Charters Chris Murray

Crossroads Fishing Charters
Captain Chris Murray


Captain Chris Murray is no stranger to snook over 40″, massive tarpon, colossal cobia, and bull redfish! He lives in Stuart Florida and has been fishing the local waters like a pro since 1995. After completing the Chapman School of Seamanship and obtaining his OUPV 6 Pack Operator’s License, he began guiding clients to their fish of a lifetime. While the fishing is always serious with Crossroads Charters, captain Chris’ easy-going personality makes intense fishing trips feel relaxing. Similarly, Captain Chris is no stranger to fishing and placing in tournaments! In fact, in 2021, he led a team of clients to a third-place victory in the Michael Shields Memorial Tournament in Stuart, FL.  Regardless of where he is fishing, Captain Chris Murray gets the job DONE! Click the link below to see the slobs he’s caught this week on his Instagram account!


Explore the Crossroads Charters Instagram Account Here

Hooray and Lil Ray

The Hooray Team- Captain Pancho Bojorquez
80' Viking Sportfish- Hooray; 41' Valhalla- Lil Ray


Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Lil Ray! Marlin on the left rigger!

Team Hooray, of Cabo, Mexico, has marlin fishing down to a science. Sporting a breathtaking 80′ Viking and an elegant 41′ Valhalla Center Console, Team Hooray tears up the game in Mexico. At the helm, Captain Pancho Bojorquez controls the action, putting his anglers on the fish of a lifetime, every time. In fact, in 2017, Captain Pancho led the Hooray Team to a first-place victory in the world-famous Bisbee’s Los Cabos Offshore Tournament with a 574 pound Blue Marlin! If this isn’t a world-class fishing team and captain, we don’t know who is! Not only is Captain Pancho an offshore expert, but his fishing prowess is also just as fierce inshore, or from the beach! Casting, jigging, live baiting, or trolling, Captain Pancho keeps Team Hooray on the fish and the leaderboard! Click the link below to see the fish Captain Pancho is catching with the Hooray team now!


Visit Captain Pancho Bojorquez’s Instagram Here

The Bandito Fishing Team
65' Jim Smith- Bandito

The Bandito Sportfishing Team is our crown jewel of the Gulf Coast! A gorgeous 65′ Jim Smith Sportfish in pristine condition, run by the finest crew north of the border- Bandito will steal your spot on the tournament leader board! Surprisingly,  Bandito is one of those rare owner/operator sportfishing teams that consistently win tournaments. In fact, Bandito won more than one tournament in 2021! Notably, Bandito took 3rd place in the 2021 Triple Crown. Additionally, they won first place Mahi-mahi in the 2021 Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Tournament, and first place catch & release at the 2021 Mississippi Billfish Classic! Bluefin USA is proud to support the Bandito Crew as they prove themselves on the tournament grounds yet again this tournament season. At the present time, Bandito is scheduled to fish over a dozen tournaments in 2022, including the Sport Fishing Championship, which will be aired on CBS!


Explore the Bandito Fishing Team’s Tournament Journey

Alligator is a 2016 Hatteras 45 gtx Out of Pensacola Florida

Alligator is a 2016 Hatteras 45 gtx Out of Pensacola Florida. We love raising the big blue marlins when offshore fishing. Owner Pete Doyle is an avid fisherman and loves being offshore. He also is the captain of the vessel. On deck is Jack Lauter, a 14 year old avid fisherman. He loves the sport and is so passionate about it. They always have a big group of guys when fishing out in the big pond. (Gulf of Mexico).

Marty Pouliot
Marty Pouliot is a USCG licensed captain holding a 100 GMT

Marty Pouliot is a USCG licensed captain holding a 100 GMT and runs a 43ft Ocean Yachts Sportfish as well as 26ft Butler Lobster boat out of Hampton Beach, NH. He has been fishing New England waters since he was 9 years old and grew up working the party/head boats every summer. A true New England waterman, he holds a commercial lobster and crab license, as well as harvests clams and oysters. In season Capt Marty targets giant bluefin tuna; with well over 100 giants to his credit. Locally he is a highly regarded and regularly sought after angler and teammate for tournaments and is frequently called upon to fish with teams in various locations. He has fished all over, including Mexico, Costa Rica, Aruba, the Caribbean, Haiti, and Alaska; he has been actively fishing tournaments for the last 15 years. Captain Marty Pouliot has been an angler in such prestigious tournaments as The Mid Atlantic, The Huk Big Fish Classic, White Marlin Open, Boston Shark Week, Gloucester Bluefin Blowout, Casco Bay Classic, Northeast Bluefin Showdown, OC Tuna Showdown, Chub Cay Invitational and many others. Marty has racked up over $400,000 in tournament winnings. Captain Marty Pouliot is also an IGFTO tournament observer. Capt Marty is Pro-staff for Skurge of The Sea, Durabrite Lights, Sionyx Night Vision, and Reel Easy Custom Rods as well as a product tester for Timberland PRO. With many wins in various tournaments, and his easy going but serious attitude Marty brings organization, planning and big game angling skills to many of the teams he’s invited to fish with. Marty runs the Facebook group “Sportfishermans Only” with 52,000 members and is self employed.

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